Manned guarding is quite clearly a people business – success is measured by the effectiveness of our staff around the clock, not just in defending the assets and reputation of our clients, but also in their physical interface with visitors and staff.

Incentive Lynx Security Ltd holds SIA approved contractor status for the provision of first class Security Guarding, Keyholding services and the NSI Gold certificate.

We are committed to delivering continuous improvement on all of our contracts. Our expectations and that of our clients is that whilst providing a safe and secure environment for their buildings is essential it has to be delivered hand in hand with an exceptional user experience.

We invest in our people and our systems to ensure that we have motivated teams who share best practice across all of our sites. Keeping up with how technology can assist us is a key part of modern manned guarding and we work hard to ensure that we leverage all the advantages changing technology can offer but at our heart is the importance we place in the right people.

An essential part of any manned guarding company is the way in which they deal with short term cover requirements for their clients. The quality of any cover officer reflects the quality of the company. At Incentive Lynx we have created our Elite team of relief officers. The Elites are highly trained individuals who have the ability to slot into any team and any environment and ensure that when they are covering a shift the security of your asset and the service experience your occupiers and visitors receive is never compromised.

The Elites are always fully site trained and have their training refreshed at regular intervals to ensure that they are ready to deliver excellent service whenever they are called upon. We are proud of our Elites and they are a team that our people strive to be a part of.


Incentive Lynx Security Ltd holds SIA approved contractor status for the provision of first class Security Guarding and Keyholding services.

The ACS Standard encompasses all aspects of a security provider’s operation. It takes a holistic view of how well an organisation is managed and an approved organisation must demonstrate to an independent assessor, on an annual basis, that it has met defined standards.

Within the regulations of the SIA approved contractor scheme we are required to provide a list of all other contractors who hold this status should our potential clients wish to review this, which can be found by following the hyperlink:
SIA Approved Company

Incentive Lynx also holds the NSI Gold Certificate which measures the way we deliver services to our clients and measures us against the required standard specified for each role we undertake. Through our investment in our people through selection, learning and development we have ensured that we have held the NSI Gold Certificate for over seven years.